What is WordPress | How to Install WordPress manually


Last post I learned how you can build your website on Blogger and in this post we will learn how to create your website on WordPress What is Word What are the benefits of WordPress and how do you use WordPress?

What is Website

Friends, you can create your own website wherever you want. Apart from WordPress and blogger, there are ways through which you can create your website, if you want, you can create your website through a custom website which is coding language HTML css, js. But here we are going to discuss WordPress today.

What is WordPress

Friends, just like Blogger is a content management system, WordPress is also a content management system, but where Blogger has its advantages, WordPress has its own advantages. Most bloggers do WordPress, because blogging here is very easy for you. Many facilities are available.

Another thing is wordpress is absolutely free. All you need is a hosting where you can host your website, that’s why WordPress is very popular and most bloggers use it but there are many things available for it which you can use can do .

Apart from this, the main advantage is that the plugins option in WordPress gives you the option to use plugins which makes a lot of work easier for you, that is why WordPress has become very popular, even in terms of security, WordPress is very secure. Does not hack. It is very popular for some reason.

How to create a website on WordPress

Creating a WordPress website is very easy, all you have to do is follow some steps given below and you can create your own WordPress website. You have to watch 11 steps carefully. If you make a mistake, you will not be able to create a website.

Friends, we have 2 ways to create a WordPress website. The first way is by downloading WordPress from its official website and uploading it to your hosting and then installing it.

But in other way, hosting website gives you the option to install WordPress, if you buy hosting from anywhere, then you get 1click software installation in its sepanel where you can install WordPress easily and it is very popular here. We will talk about both ways.

Install WordPress manually

First of all you have to download WordPress, to download WordPress you can go back to wordpress.org and download it.
After this, you have to upload the file of WordPress to the web manager of Web hosting and upload it in public html, here you have to extract the file, after that you have to open your website, here you will see the installation steps.
All you have to do is create a database, enter its user name and password and become an admin user of WordPress. Your wordpress will be installed. After WordPress is installed, all you have to do is login and customize it.
Install WordPress in 1 click
First of all, you have to login to your cpanel. Many hosting providers do not provide cpanel. They have their own panel. All you have to do is search WordPress there.
Now you will get wordpress show. You have to click on the icon of WhatsApp, after that you will get the option of install, here you will have to select your domain name and after filling in other information you have to click on install.
Now your wordpress will be installed in a few minutes and you will get your admin URL, all you have to do is login and customize it by putting a theme on your side. Your wordpress has been installed.
So friends, hope you have liked this post and you must have learned to install wordpress, if you still have any questions, then you can ask us by commenting and thank you very much for reading this post.


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