What is web hosting? What is the type of web hosting?


Creating your website on the Internet has become very necessary today, if you have a small business, you have a shop or if you want to make a website for online income, then you will first need hosting.

In the beginning, if you have just started blogging then you will not know anything about hosting. Many new people make the mistake that they buy the wrong hosting from the wrong place which they do not need. Both are wasted.

So in which post today we will know what is web hosting, when should you get which web hosting and how is it done. You start this post and learn something new. You are very welcome in shrink2earn.

What is web hosting?

If you want to make your website live on the Internet, then for this you will need a storage on the Internet, where all the files of your website will store content etc. This storage is actually web hosting.

Simply put, web hosting is a server or CPU purchased by you on the Internet where your website is online, you can access this server by your domain name or IP address. Now we will know about some type of Muslim.

What is dedicated server

Dedicated server, as the name itself suggests, provides you with a complete server that contains your website. A dedicated server is very powerful. Most of the websites are used by very large websites. But millions of users come at the same time, if your website starts receiving a lot of traffic then you can go to the dedicated server.

Talking about the price of this hosting, it will start from ₹ 6000 and up to ₹ 20000 per month, now it depends on where you buy and which server to select.

What is vps hosting

VPS hosting is created by dividing the dedicated server into several four five parts. You can understand that four to five new CPUs are made in the same server. Will become 8 VPS.

The initial price of Vps posting is around ₹ 1000 to ₹ 5000.

What is Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting, as the name itself suggests, a VPS hosting is also shared among many people. It makes you very cheap. If you are new, your website has just started, then you share hosting. Can buy

Talking about its price, it starts from ₹ 50 and gets you up to ₹ 500 per month which is quite cheap and affordable, so you can buy it but it depends on you which plan. Buying and Where to Get Shared Hosting? You should get shared hosting from a trusted good company because some posting companies share the same VPS to many people. This speed is very bad, so buy the right hosting company that has a good name and is also trusted. You can also talk about all these company chat support, they will try to guide you all over there.

What is Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting If your website is getting good traffic and traffic is coming to your site from multiple countries, then you can go to cloud hosting. In cloud hosting, your website is stored on multiple servers which increases its speed very much. is .

The price of this hosting depends on your service. The kind of server you buy will increase or decrease if you talk about the average, you get cloud hosting from around ₹ 500 to ₹ 2000.

Friends, hope you have got the complete information about the web hosting, if you still have any questions, then you can ask us by commenting and thank you very much for reading this post and for giving your precious time.


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