What is a BCA course? Qualifications for BCA course.


In today’s modern era, due to the use of computers and the Internet, there has been a lot of development in the information and technology sector and due to the increasing use and development of the Internet, many jobs in the computer field have also increased.

Nowadays, interest of almost all the students has increased in computer field, there will be many of you who want to go into computer field and want to make a career in it and in this era of modernity, it is a good career. Option.

If you want to go into computer field and make a career in that, then the BCA course would be a good option for you because this course is a computer related course. In this course, you are taught computer related studies after you do a BCA course. Can also do engineer job.

So in our post today, we will know what is BCA course? How can you do BCA course ?, What are the qualifications required to do BCA course ?, What to do after doing BCA?

What is bca course

The full name of BCA is Bachelor of Computer Application. It is an undergraduate diploma course which is a full 3 years and consists of 6 semesters and completes about 2 semesters in 1 year. There is a course which has given you computer and related studies like how software is made, computer networking, computer languages, website designing etc. and much more.

Qualifications for the BCA course

If you want to do BCA course then first of all your 12th class should be completed, then students of any stream can do BCA course, but many college / university gives admission in BCA only to students of science stream.

Apart from this, for taking admission in BCA course, you should have at least 45% more marks in 12th class from here.

Although there is no intern exam in colleges for BCA course, tomorrow colleges take their own intern exam and give your admission on the same basis.

How to do a BCA course

To do BCA course, first of all you have to pass 12th class from any scene and in 45% or more percentage marks in 12th class.

After that you apply for BCA course, if you want to do good college / university CBC course, then give its intern exam and clear it and get that college admission.

What to do after taking the BCA course

After doing BCA, you can either do the job directly or if you want, you can also do Masters (MCA) in it.

Job –

After doing BCA course, you can apply for job, if you apply for job in any IT sector and you get a job in it, then your salary will be more than any other sector. After that you can get salary up to around 25,000 – 40,000 but if you are working for the first time without any experience then you may get less salary than this


If you want to study further after pursuing BCA, then you can do MCA. If you do NCB after BCA, then you will gain a lot in job and you will also get salary from those who do job by doing BCA only. Can get more


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