What is free web hosting । Should I use free hosting ?


Friends, as you all know, on the Internet, you get all kinds of information and along with the information, you also get different types of services on the Internet, one of them is the web hosting service.

What is WebHosting

We buy web hosting to get our website online to make it online but there are many companies that provide it for WebHosting Free but if it was available for WebHosting Free then why would we spend so much money for WebHosting .

How are these companies able to provide WebHosting for free on the Internet? How do all companies offer WebHosting for free? Which company does that provide free web hosting and where can we get WebHosting for free?

Is this WebHosting good? Many such questions will be coming in your mind, then the answer to all these questions is going to be found in some post today, so let’s start this post and know more about free WebHosting.

What is free web hosting

we have web hosting, similarly free web hosting is also a web hosting, where you are served just like normal web hosting, just here you are short of some service like a lot of arrangement company limited. Provides space bandwidth etc. Many of the same companies do not give you sepanel and only you get the option of WordPress somewhere.

At the same time, there are companies that also provide you unlimited web hosting for free, but these companies are not so trusted, their service is not so good because free web hosting is mostly used by so many people and so many people use it. Because their servers are down most of the time, which is not good for your website at all.

Free hosting how

Now this question is bound to come, how is this hosting free, because if web hosting was available for free, then why did everyone buy that posting for free, as well as how it keeps its maintenance from the company in itself. How does the employee give salary to the employees if it does not take money from the user?

So friends, the answer is very simple. Most free web hosting companies use aids in their web hosting panel, because of these aids, they generate revenue so that they can manage themselves and with this their main purpose is only and only their The website is promoted.

In today’s time, competition in the web hosting market has increased a lot, many new companies have come in this field, due to which many companies initially provide web hosting for free for their promotion, then like traffic on your site. It seems to force you to migrate your plane, due to which you have to migrate the plane and they become income.

Should we use Free WebHosting

If you have just started blogging and you don’t have any knowledge of WordPress at all, you just want to learn adults, then you can use free web hosting, here you can learn to install WhatsApp and run it but make a website I will never recommand you for free posting.

Free web hosting is never able to handle the traffic of your website as traffic comes to your site, you start having problems, your website goes down, your earning is zero on it, that’s why I never request you I want you to use free web hosting.

On the contrary, you can go to Blogger, there you also get free web hosting. Free web hosting is good to see WordPress but if you want to use it to build a website then it depends on you because it is for you. It can be harmful and anyway, hosting is very cheap nowadays, you can also buy good hosting for very little money, where you get good Both service and hosting will be available.

So hopefully you would have liked or article and you have got the answer to all your questions. If you have any questions left, you can ask us by commenting, thank you very much for reading which post.


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